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[PDF] ✈ The Only Girl in the World: A Memoir By Maude Julien – Epubd.co chapter 1 The Only Girl in the World: A Memoir, meaning The Only Girl in the World: A Memoir, genre The Only Girl in the World: A Memoir, book cover The Only Girl in the World: A Memoir, flies The Only Girl in the World: A Memoir, The Only Girl in the World: A Memoir 4565b31e27055 For Readers Of Room And The Glass Castle, An Astonishing Memoir Of One Woman Rising Above An Unimaginable Childhood Maude Julien S Parents Were Fanatics Who Believed It Was Their Sacred Duty To Turn Her Into The Ultimate Survivor Raising Her In Isolation, Tyrannizing Her Childhood And Subjecting Her To Endless Drills Designed To Eliminate Weakness Maude Learned To Hold An Electric Fence For Minutes Without Flinching, And To Sit Perfectly Still In A Rat Infested Cellar All Night Long Her Mother Sewed Bells Onto Her Clothes That Would Give Her Away If She Moved She Endured A Life Without Heat, Hot Water, Adequate Food, Friendship, Or Any Kind Of Affectionate TreatmentBut Maude S Parents Could Not Rule Her Inner Life Befriending The Animals On The Lonely Estate As Well As The Characters In The Novels She Read In Secret, Young Maude Nurtured In Herself The Compassion And Love That Her Parents Forbid As Weak And When, After Than A Decade, An Outsider Managed To Penetrate Her Family S Paranoid World, Maude Seized Her Opportunity By Turns Horrifying And Magical, The Only Girl In The World Is A Story That Will Grip You From The First Page And Leave You Spellbound, A Chilling Exploration Of Psychological Control That Ends With A Glorious Escape

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    Well if this isn t a RIP YOUR HEART OUT work of non fiction

    Good Lord.not an easy read.dark.heartbreakingly sad.exasperating.shocking.and animal lovers will be appalled

    Monsieur Didion is a crazy, paranoid and obsessive well to do person of the male persuasion refuse to call him a man who offers to raise and educate a little blonde girl from a poor family for the sole purpose of eventually marrying her and producing his own blonde daughter, training her to be a superior, super human being to raise up humanity

    What he and his now grown wife 28 years younger Madame Jeannine actually do, however, is treat her as a thing.a possession.a prisoner who must obey and adhere to his every command including holding a chamber pot each and every morning of her life while he and his filthy unwashed body does his business.this poor little girl.

    A life of strict rules, mind fear AND cruel and unusual punishment ensues with no comfort, understanding or protection from either parent.no knowledge of the outside world.no truthful answers.no reason why she is treated so harshly Even tiny bits of love from animals is forbidden.

    Didion the ogre sets excruciating expectations.often of a tortuous nature and demands satisfaction.AND then OMG there s Raymond the vampire

    What Maude endured is unimaginable, and I can only say thank God for a savior no spoiler here and the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Well written memoir, but whew

    Many thanks to NetGalley, Little, Brown and Company and Maude Julien for the opportunity to read her story in exchange for an unbiased review.

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    Q Life is stronger than anything else, there is always a solution, and I will find it I m sure of that Q Why am I not allowed out Why must I not derive any pleasure from eating Why does Yves stub out his cigarettes on my knee Why does Raymond do what he does to me Why can t I have any heating in my bedroom Why don t we wash Why does no one kiss and hug me like people do in books Why am I not allowed to go to school with other children c This book is a veritable eye opener This is probably the first time ever, when I have literally no idea, what and how went REALLY, HORRIBLY wrong with those people can t call them parents , because it s about everything that did, including foolproof things And there were friends of family who thought nothing of a girl forcibly held over a precipice What the fuck How do people get that batshit crazy My heart went out to this girl She withstood immense psychological and physical torture from her parents throughout her childhood Maude managed to survive it on her own, as a child The father was the mastermind, the mother was his victim and enabler Everything was against her, still she manageed to overcome it all Her childhood was a weird mix of education to the point of obsession, maybe though I, personally am a proponent of early education in children , pain horrible, unspeakable stuff , mental conditioning sect style and plain weird shit appropriate in a madhouse Her father tried to implement a lot of esoteric occult crazy stuff in raising her up The way the girl was born is also worthy of a special treatment in a mental hospital Her father bought otherwise acquired Q It s unclear whether there was a financial transaction c her mother when she was still child Because she was blond And was from humble origins Then he raised her, gave her education and got her a child, our author The books is written in a way, a very weird one Actually, the girl felt incredibly mature A real force of nature, she had to become to get over all that And it s like she never got maudlin or felt sorry for herself, which is an extremely rare quality.The education and family traditions are also worthy of a special mention For one thing, I was not sure how to put my thoughts about this It s a horrible mix of perfectly ok things though still unconventional, like early education and of horrible abuse This family actually took a lot of good ideas and perverted them horribly For one thing, it would be ok to play with a child pocker face Still, it was perverted to nonsensicality It s ok to teach a child things early in life, it s not ok to timemanage them to horror It s ok to be lax in birthdays preparations, it s not ok to ignore them altogether And the list goes on and on What the freak has happeneed to the father to become such a monster Eugenics training gone wrong Occult practices mushing his brain What How does one get that way Another maddening thing is that these fuckers can t call them parents fucked up her education miserably, since their own knowledge was far worse than needed to teach a girl all the things they endeavoured Who would try teaching a child German without knowing it Who would demand the child learns sommersaults, acrobatics, etc without knowing either how to do it or how to teach it Who would send a child to sit exams without 1st getting some teachers books explaining what those exams entail like, that essays are not the only thing on the menu And the mathematical tortures, don t get me started on them I can t believe how clever well adjusted incredible this girl was to manage to get aducation after all of that I truly hope that she is fine now I hope that she manages to find her peace and to go on living as bright and happy and hopeful as she was created by God, before those nutters got to her I also pray that whatever genetic quirk that brought THAT on, is never ever further revealed in her family, God bless them She took way shit than any of us could ever dare to take and stay sane to tell about it She needs some serious rest from all of that Another thing we are told precious little on how Maude got to become the well adjusted person she seems to be today I do realise discussing this might be terribly intrusive on her privacy but, BUT if ever she considers a follow up on that and her life afterwards, a lot of readers and me personally would definitely be not only inrigued but bound to dive right in.An excerpt from an interview with her Mon p re est mort quatre ans plus tard, explique t elle Il a fallu que j apprenne vivre M me marcher dans la rue m tait compliqu Asociale et inadapt e, la jeune Maude d veloppe alors toutes les phobies possibles et imaginables J avais peur de l ascenseur, du noir, de voir des gens Par exemple, il m a fallu tr s longtemps pour oser demander une baguette bien cuite la boulangerie Pour autant, elle r ve de d vorer pleines dents la vie qu elle n a jamais eue Br sil, Chine, V n zuela elle se met voyager et embrasse la carri re de th rapeute J ai tourn la page depuis longtemps Ce livre n est pas une th rapie mais un moyen d aider ceux qui sont victimes d emprise mentale comme je l ai t Q Whenever the two of us are alone, my mother tells me it s my fault we had to leave Lille and bury ourselves in this hole That I m not normal I have to be hidden, otherwise I d be locked up in Bailleul straightaway Bailleul is the lunatic asylum I went there once, when my parents took on one of their inmates as a maid It s a terrifying place c Q My father had the walls coated with a roughcast of an even coarser texture in order to tame me It didn t do any good I still went and hit my head against those walls in fits of anger c Q My mother, whom Linda views with cool courtesy, is exasperated That dog s mine, she keeps telling me But of course you have to own everything You act as if she s yours And you ve managed to make the stupid animal believe it herself c Q My father often returns to this episode He wants me to understand that he s the only one who loves and protects me That I should trust only him c Q I feel like the ducks on the pond, with one wing that my parents want long and beautiful and the other cut to the quick c Q Linda and Pitou are my darlings, I d do anything for them My parents understand this If they want me to do something, they need only say, Watch out If you don t do it, Linda will be locked up for two extra hours a day for a month, or We ll put Pitou in a wooden crate for three days with nothing to eat or drink or, worse still, We ll put Pitou back where he belongs that is, the pond, where I know he wouldn t survive So my minor rebellion instantly dissolves c Q My father doesn t like me doing nothing When I was little, I was allowed to play in the garden once I d finished studying But now that I m almost five, I have less free time You mustn t waste your time, my father says Focus on your duties c Q Ever since then, I settle for gazing from afar at the tree of happiness c Q I don t have much free time, anyway Between schoolwork, music, my share of the housework, and serving my father, my days are very full c Q You re in danger, too, he father says, looking at me intently People will try to abduct you That s why you mustn t go out He reminds me of another safety measure I already know well the lights must never be switched on when the shutters are open, because this would make us easy targets for a potential sniper hiding on the other side of the road I m given to understand that there s a wave of child kidnappings going on at the moment After the Lindbergh baby and the Peugeot boy, I m third on the list c Q My father reiterates the fact that everything he does is for me That he devotes his entire life to me, to training me, shaping me, sculpting me into the superior being I m destined to become I need to understand just how much my very existence is a result of my father s plans I know I must prove worthy of the tasks he will set for me later But I m afraid I won t measure up to his vision c Q My father is convinced that the mind can achieve anything Absolutely anything it can overcome every danger and conquer every obstacle But to do this requires long, rigorous training away from the impurities of this dirty world c Q He sometimes tells me that I should never leave the house, even after he s dead His memory will live on here, and if I watch over it, I ll be safe Other times he informs me that later, I ll be able to do whatever I want, that I could be President of France, master of the world But when I leave the house, it won t be to live a pointless life as Mrs Nobody It will be to conquer the world and achieve greatness I ll have to come back from time to time to recharge myself at home base in other words, in this house, which absorbs and of my father s power every day c Q To avoid disappointing him too much I wage war on my many faults But there s one I just can t control I have a habit of twitching my nose and mouth and screwing up my eyes Since I was little he has made me sit facing him without moving a muscle.At first I had to stay still for a few minutes Then a quarter of an hour Once I turn five, he adds what he calls the impassivity tests to my daily schedule, between eight and eight fifteen in the evening Then the sessions become even longer and are held at any time of day, sometimes lasting several hours and delaying my lessons and homework, which then all have to be caught up And now my mother has to do them too when we re alone she s quick to tell me how much she resents me for this c Q You mustn t reveal anything with your face or your body, my father says in his deep voice, otherwise you ll be eaten alive Only weak people have facial expressions You need to learn to control yourself if you want to be a great poker player Do I want to be a great poker player I don t know, I ve never played poker But I have to be ready in case I ever need to later c Q We never use terms of endearment because they re for the weak and sappy The word darling , for instance, is never said in our house c Q Because they re a present , the writing time for these letters is taken out of my allocated sleep time c Q The waking up rule is one example At six thirty every morning she opens my door wham and she flicks the light on and yells, Get up My mother thinks people who get up at seven are slackers Under her watchful eye, I have to get straight out of bed and dress in less than two minutes c Q As far as my father is concerned, birthdays are not celebrations, and I have to be trained so that mine never becomes one Which is why every November 23rd I have a longer school day and no recess I m waiting anxiously to know what the new teaching for my sixth birthday will be c The parents made sure to hire a teacher as crazy as they were Q On these occasions when he wants to punish me, he throws his beer in my face Or he stubs out his cigarette on my thigh I m so tense that my playing goes from bad to worse The punishments come thick and fast During my first piano lesson, he s obviously surprised by the quality of my playing, which is mainly thanks to Madame Descombes How come you play so well, when you re so hopeless on the accordion with me In a flash his amazement turns to fury He slaps me twice, and to help calm his mood, he snatches my favourite scores and tears them into little pieces c Q By the time I m eight, I ll be pretty much equipped to survive in a concentration camp c Q My father sometimes summons me to this room to teach me how to open a safe without knowing the code It will be very useful, he explains, if I am ever short of money In the event that I am, I have to identify a casino to rob Once the safe is open, I must respect the rules take only cash and leave jewellery and other valuables c Q He starts his teaching The Third Reich was one of the strongest nations, better even than the Spartans The nation of the Third Reich will return and it will rule the world It is superior to all others because of the teaching and training it gives its youth c And this was supposedly the guy who was in resistance One wondersQ I find it hard to swallow so I chew endlessly Only the weak chew for a long time Swallowing big pieces forces your stomach to work for you, and that builds your character and your strength When he was young he always succeeded in his own personal challenge of downing six hard boiled eggs in the time it took the clock to strike twelve midday c Q You listen to me, he always says, we re not like everyone else We re not sheep We belong to the category of strong spirits You will develop a strong mind like mine Don t disappoint me, don t grow into a weakling like your mother c Q I don t think he knows it s not the dead I m terrified of, but the rats I don t say anything because I m convinced that, if he knew, he d think of some horrible way to cure me of my fear c Q After learning to ride a bike and to swim, I now have to learn to ride a horse First, just like swimming, riding will be very useful if I need to escape Secondly, it will be a prerequisite when, like my father, I m initiated into a chivalric order passing myself off as a man, it goes without saying There is a third and still indisputable reason I need to be able to get a job with a circus in case I have to hide or go undercover at some point This is seriously Q When I tell you to choose, Maude, that doesn t mean choose It means take what s in front of you decisively so no one can detect the slightest hesitation on your part Choosing has nothing to do with pleasure Only the weak hesitate and take pleasure in choosing Life isn t about pleasure, it s a merciless struggle If you show someone what gives you pleasure, you re revealing your vulnerability, and that person will take advantage of them to crush you When you behave the way you just have, you put us all in danger I m sure my father s right I know what pleasure is, it s mentioned in books ice cream, cakes, parties, dances, Christmas trees These are all things I ve never seen or experienced, and to be honest I don t miss them My father need not worry, I ve never dreamed of or longed for a Christmas tree c Q I ve grasped that I have to disguise my delight and enthusiasm for things Now, when I see something wonderful, I act completely indifferent to it c Q In my father s view, comfort is one of the pernicious pleasures that must be suppressed the vast house is barely heated My bedroom must not be heated at all in order to conform to the precepts of a tough upbringing Sometimes it s so cold that my windows freeze over on the inside For the same reasons, I have to wash in cold water My parents, on the other hand, are allowed hot water, especially my father, who because he s the very picture of strong will has nothing left to prove c Q When you take a bath, you lose your immunity and expose yourself to diseases, he tells me, and then adds, unless you bathe in the same water as me I protect you from outside pollutants That s why I have to wait until my parents have taken their baths before I can get into the tub, without changing the water Leaving my water for you is an honour I grant you, my father often says It allows you to benefit from my energies when they enter your body c CrapQ My father finds laughter extremely irritating He sees it as a waste of energy, proof of a total lack of control Smiling finds no favour in his eyes either Do you want to be the village idiot he asks Only halfwits smile Your face must be serious and expressionless in order to confuse your adversaries Never reveal anything Q My room looks out over the street and, by an extraordinary stroke of luck, has no shutters Has he realized that I slip my head under the red velvet curtain every evening and secretly watch the wonderful life of the people across the street I observe them wandering casually from room to room, chatting, watching TV Sometimes they open a tin of cookies and snack from it I m amazed to think you can eat like that, without being at the table, without asking permission And this is with all the lights on, as if they had no idea about marksmen lying in wait c Q Every morning we synchronize our watches, exactly as bombers and terrorists do , explains my father because, like them, our success depends on precision c Q Now it s the whole day from the wake up call at six o clock to bedtime at eleven thirty that has to be regulated like clockwork The day has to follow a detailed program devised by my parents and written out in a large exercise book, which I m not allowed to read c Gawwwd These people should have taken to regulating their own lives Instead of their child s.Q I now have to take responsibility for waking the household, which means I have to get up before everyone else I do have an old alarm clock, but I m not allowed to use it I have to be able to wake by sheer force of willI m so terrified of being caught red handed that I might as well have swallowed an alarm clock my eyes snap open just before the appointed time c Q At eight o clock I knock on my father s door For the next forty minutes I wait on my father While he gets up and sits on the edge of the bed, I fetch the chamber pot It s no ordinary pot, but a bowl made of glass so he can check for traces of white in his urine, a sign of excess albumen I stand in front of him so he can urinate into the pot Every morning I feel increasingly nauseous as the bowl gradually warms in my hands.My mother comes into the bedroom with a tray We prop up the pillows behind my father, who is sitting back up in bed, and we stand and watch as he drinks coffee with cream and eats buttered bread.When he has finished, we dress him c Behold the perfect way to raise a superhuman girl.Q Then I have to go back down for an hour of German with my father, He doesn t really know German c Q Lights out is at eleven thirty To be absolutely sure I m sleeping, my mother is instructed to cut off the electricity supply to my bedroom Q Every month I have to carry out a meditation on death and a test of courage a new electric fence test as part of my tests of willpower Alcohol is now an important part of training my willpower Since I was seven or eight Q Someone is howling inside me But no one hears No one is listening c Q The schedule is my despot and I m its slave, all the chained to it because I never manage to catch up on the backlog c Q My father watches as I fill my glass he wants to be sure I have as much alcohol as the workmen c Q because I m training to be a superhuman, sickness is inadmissibleThe same goes for pain I m not allowed to feel it c Q I sustain myself on images of salvation, and strong, charming heroes I have an increasingly powerful need for books, which throw a glimmer of light into my darkness c Q I am not from any time or of any place beyond time and place, my spiritual being lives in eternal existence This is how my father likes to describe himself c

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    Utmost courage and an amazing will to survive Raised in the most horrific of circumstances, by a mother acquired by the father just to provide him with a child he could mold into a super person, and a father who has to be insane, she found the will to survive The things she went through, so incredibly hard to read, to believe, gives truth to the stage of truth bring stranger than fiction Locked in a basement, tied down, kept there overnight to ponder death, rats scurrying around her feet Everything on a timetable, fifteen minutes to eat a meal, having to run outside in the cold weather with few clothes on, thrown into water, again and again until she learned to swim Punished for any deviation Systematic abuse of power and mental anguish, not abuse of the sexual kind, but abuse that Rob s the person from any type of security or hope.She did have animals though, and she counts them, as well as a few people along the way who showed her a different side of life In particular z music teacher who helped her immensely She survived this tortuous childhood, but not without many falls and fails in the process Maude has her own life now and her career path took her toward helping those cope with less than ideal childhoods nor positive experiences.Rating this book was extremely difficult, I feel as if I am rating what she went through, her life Doesn t seem right At times reading this I had to look away, skim some parts, always realizing I had this option to escape, this young girl did not It is also a heartfelt testament to the human spirit, a story where hope prevailed, and ultimately won The power of writing as a way to heal, to share, and again to provide hope to those who are trying to heal from their own trials in life I can t say how much I admire this young woman in her willingness to share her story.ARC from edelweiss.

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    Audiobooka memoirread by the author Maude Julien My father reminds me that he has devoted his entire life to me first he had to find my mother She was only six when he found her And he was already a very rich man He brought her up with the best education possible, and then when the time came, he gave birth to her I need to understand, that just my existence, is a result of my father s plan I must prove worthy to his plan, but I am afraid I won t live up to his vision.Maude is so frightened of her father Can you blame her She s even horrified because she can expect no protection from her mother or anyone Soooo sad Her father thinks the outside world and people are polluted Maude should realize how lucky she is to be raised away from the weak filthy people She is to become a superior human being YIKES ALMIGHTY I ve had a home run success with Audiobooks recently and believe me I ve tossed out that didn t work than do Either I m getting better at picking them which is possible from a steady few years of experience or they ve just gotten better Either way, this is another VERY ENGROSSING MIND BOGGLING UNBELIEVABLY DISTURBING COURAGEOUS MEMOIR AUDIOBOOK Maude Julien is amazing her narration was nothing less than perfection This story is so harrowing it s FASCINATING I had to listen to the end But warned there are some scenes that are seriously horrific to read at least for me After I googled Maude Julien I already thought she was extraordinarily but reading about her life today confirmed it all the .

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    4 Stars.Maude Julien is a young girl with indeterminable strength Somehow, she had an innocence about her that carried her through the most horrific experiences a person could ever imagine She suffered from mental and verbal abuse at the hands of her father, Monsieur Didion He exacted mind control over her to the likes of nothing I have ever heard of or seen before And Maude s story is a true one How she survived, I do not know Yet she did and her ability to have hope when all seemed lost was truly inspiring Maude Julien was homeschooled by her mother who was taken from her own home by Monsieur Didion at the age of 6 years old for the purpose of become his wife and mother to a child Maude and was not allowed to interact with anyone, save her music teacher and her parents They had a few animals but as soon as she got close to them, her father caged them and made it so that she was no longer even allowed to pet them or get close to them Monsieur Didion convinced her that she would be kidnapped if she spoke to or looked at anyone, just like Baby Lindbergh She was locked in a dungy, moldy basement, overnight bound to a chair, without socks on and had to sit up straight, was made to wear a sweater with bells on it, thus if she slouched or bent down, her father would hear her and she would be punished She had to follow a strict list of rules and obey her father s every command including eating meals in fifteen minutes Further, Maude was taught never to show emotion of any kind, thus she learned to hide her feelings and thoughts somehow, Maude survived This memoir was extremely difficult to read, it is heartbreaking and truly disturbing At times, it wrecked me to read There were many a time, where I had to take breaks Throughout however, you hear Maude s voice That hope inside of her is what carries you through And hope is what shines forth Maude Julien never gave up She is not just a survivor, she is a fighter and a spirit animal First and foremost, thank you to Maude Julien for sharing your story Thank you also to NetGalley and Little Brown and Company.Published on NetGalley, Goodreads, and Twitter on 1.24.18.

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    How to rate such a book In the beginning.Maude s Father Maude being the protagonist and the Author of this Memoir approached Maude s Mother s family when her Mother was five or six years old Maude s Father was wealthy and said he would care for and raise their child So, Maude s Mother s family gave their young daughter to him Are you following me How sick is this So, Maude s Mother goes to live with Maude s father when she is a child and is raised by him and when the time is right they have Maude who is to be a superior being There is some serious Ick factor going on in this book He chooses a 5 or 6 year old to raise and then have a child with a superior being if you will.So Maude is a young girl who lives with very strict rules Idleness and doing nothing is not permitted She is to be busy at all times She is home schooled and kept in virtual isolation as her father tells her she could be kidnapped at any time just like the Lindbergh baby Thus, begins the emotional abuse Love and affection are also no no s Maude lives in an environment where she is afraid all the time Both her Mother and Father will strike hit her if she does the wrong thing She is forced to stay in the cellar basement in darkness as part of her training i.e the Meditation on Death She is permitted to bathe once per week in the same bathwater that her Father and Mother have bathed in She is to consider this an honor to bathe in the dirty water of her Father Puke a rama Seriously, gross.She is allowed pets, but they also live sad dreary lives Her dog is kept caged up for long periods of time and is only allowed out after dark Her horse and pony are subjected to harsh treatment and the pony is forced to drink alcohol Such a lovely family Besides her harsh upbringing and stick rules, Maude is also sexually abused molested by the gardener As I read, I just kept thinking could her life get any worse She lives in constant fear, is constantly put down for not living up to her father s high standards As I was reading I kept wondering why none of the people who came into her life music teachers, the man who butchered the animals, etc noticed that there was something seriously wrong in this house Why did this child not go to school, why did she never play with other children, why did she wear strange clothing, why does she have scars, etc Eventually Maude does get out of her parents home and eventually finds happiness and a career She details how she benefited from therapy and decided to become a therapist herself.Needless to say this is not a Happy go lucky memoir It is raw, sad and heartbreaking I read this book in one sitting It is disturbing and will stir emotions and make the reader angry How Maude survived her horrendous childhood is impressive and shocking Her father was mentally ill and incredibly abusive Her Mother was like someone with Stockholm syndrome She was at times worse to Maude than Maude s father was Maude also compared her Mother to a person in a cult who has been brainwashed.Reader beware this is a dark sad memoir It begins with ugliness and ends with hope.I received a copy of this book from Little, Brown and Company and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    4 resilient, brave stars to The Only Girl in the World and infinite stars to Maude Julien for her resilience and bravery From a little girl, Maude Julien was deprived of love, affection, and any comfort at all On top of that, she was tested and challenged by her father to some standard I never really understood Basically, he used it as an excuse to torture her Maude learned compassion through her pets thank goodness for her animals And through incredible inner fortitude, Maude learned to reinforce the inner goodness that her parents did not This is a tale of survival and strength, but wow, it was difficult reading to the end, and I kept thinking I m just reading this book I m not being forced to live how she did I was heartbroken thinking of Maude growing up, and in the end, when she escaped no spoilers, it s in the synopsis , I was uplifted by her spirit and will to be a loving mother, a helper, and a citizen contributing positively to society Overall, a book well worth reading I m grateful for Maude Julien sharing her story with the world and hope it s helped her healing The Only Girl in the World was published on December 12, 2017 Thank you to Maude Julien, Little, Brown and Company, and Netgalley for the complimentary copy to review.

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    The Only Girl in the World is an extraordinary memoir about madness, control and the survival of horrific childhood abuse.Maude Julien s father Louis chose his future wife and mother of his child, Jeannine, when she was only six and he was 34 He became Jeannine s guardian by promising her family that he would provide her with a quality education.Then Twenty two years after he took possession of Jeannine, Louis Didier decided the time had come for her to bring his daughter into the world Louis Didier liquidated his assets, bought a house near Cassel, between Lille and Dunkirk, and withdrew to live there to devote himself entirely to carrying out the project he had devised back in 1936 to make his child a superhuman being That child was me loc 73, ebook.Unfortunately, to make his child a superhuman involved leaving her alone in a dark, rat infested basement, sleeping in a room without heat, eating stale bread, practicing music for 12 or hours a day and being entirely separated from any other children her age.That s where Maude got the title of this memoir The Only Girl in the WorldI have not read a childhood account this disturbing since A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer.Maude s father was unhinged My father is convinced that the mind can achieve anything Absolutely anything it can overcome every danger and conquer every obstacle But to do this requires long, rigorous training away from the impurities of this dirty world loc 247, ebook.He asks Maude to do things he cannot do like perform somersaults or swim in freezing water He shows no affection to either his child or his wife.Louis makes the females of the house wait on him as if he is an invalid He makes his child hold a chamber pot each morning while he empties his bladder.He s a controlling monster.Louis has strange beliefs about water and soap removing the body s immunities so he insists that Maude only bathes once a week or less And, when she is finally given the opportunity to bathe, she must use his dirty bathwater to take strength from him And she can t count on protection from her mother, who was groomed by Louis to do anything he asks of her Jeannine actually blames Maude for Louis taking them to live in the middle of nowhere It is very sad.Maude s only friends are her pets, whom her father abuses as much as he hurts Maude Can an animal teach a person about happiness In the depth of my despair, I am fortunate to have this incredible source of joy loc 685, ebook.Even worse, Maude is abused by the few adults Louis allows in their lives Trigger warnings for those who were sexually or physically abused as children Though incredibly disturbing, The Only Girl in the World is ultimately a story of survival against all odds The human spirit is incredibly resilient as Maude s tale illustrates.Perhaps she is superhuman than even she realizes Highly recommended.Thank you to NetGalley for a free digital copy of this book.

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    This was a horrendous story of how far a child can be abused and what the consequences of years of abuse can do to one s mind, body and soul.It was a hard story to read and I am sure even a harder story to write Gratefully, the author has found her way out of the darkness she experienced as a child.

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    THE ONLY GIRL IN THE WORLD A MEMOIR is a powerful true story I choose to see as a triumph of the human spirit.Maude s father wanted a superhuman child and set out with single minded purpose to achieve his goal He found a young girl and adopted her When she was old enough he married and impregnated her When his daughter was born her training began I m not going to go into everything Maude went through, because it s grim Extremely grim Also, a lot of what she went through might not seem believable at first As I was reading though, I realized that Maude s story is altogether too possible What a scary and depressing thought to have every aspect of your life controlled To have to hold a chamber pot for your father To have any family pets used as objects to control you The only good things in Maude s life were books and music and even those were controlled by her father To be clear this book never descended into the area of torture porn Everything is presented in a rather detached way, whereas you are just an observer The things that happened were indeed horrific, but you never felt like you were a part of them Instead, your heart just ached that these things ever happened.An interesting component to this story was the pop psychology theories the father would come up with and how he used them to devise mind controlling techniques Seriously, I think this guy could have developed a cult of his own if he wasn t so lazy and stupid His family were actual blood relations and unlike Manson s family could never have left even if they tried If you can imagine what Manson could have done to a daughter, you have a good idea of what Maude s dad did to her I can t get into what happened to Maude in the end, because that would ruin everything However, she did survive to write this book so that should tell you something Highly recommended, especially for those interested in the psychology of brainwashing Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the e ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review This is it.