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    One of my high school teachers gave this to me when she was leaving to go to another high school I was the girl who always was quiet so I had a teacher or two tell me that I wasn t going to get very far But there were a few in the 11th and 12th grade who convinced me that I was than my shyness This book reminds me of that time and how far I ve gotten since then from only saying 1 word a year to not being afraid of strangers It always convinces me again that I am special And on a plus note I really liked the drawings.

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    The first time I read this book I cried I was 26 years old and found this children s book on the shelf at my friend s house I opened it and read it and found myself within the pages of the book.You Are Special is the story of wooden people called the Wemmicks Everyday the Wemmicks would give shiny stars to the Wemmicks that did amazing things and gave black dots to Wemimicks that did things wrong.One particular Wemmick, Punchinello kept getting dots put on him, as he was a little clumsy One day Punchinello met a Wemmick who had no stars or dots on her, and he becomes friends with her She takes Punchinello to the woodcarver who tells him how special he is and is not determined on the stars and dots or how he performs or fails This story made me realise how much weight I put on other people s opinions of me I constantly performed for the stars and felt so down when someone gave me a dot I think most of us do Sometimes I still find myself performing for the stars and trying to avoid the dots This book showed me that other people s opinions do not determine how special I am what God thinks of me does And He thinks I m so special just the way I am I love reading this book to my boys.

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    A small book with a simple message.Lessons Learnt 1 Let not the opinions of others make you a prisoner You are special.2 Do not judge the other Each one is special.3 Value yourself and the others just for what you and they are.

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    This is on the coffee table in my therapy office In my work with children, I frequently have parents read to their children books that will enhance self esteem This is one that does it through a spiritual message, emphasizing that we are special because of how our Maker sees us, rather than because of self generated esteem or the esteem of others In fact, it suggests that greater self esteem comes when we let neither the criticisms nor the compliments of others stick, and instead look to our creator for our perspective on our worth In my personal philosophy, I deemphasize the notion of self esteem and instead prefer what I call Christ esteem having a sense of self worth that is based on how the Savior sees us I appreciate Lucado s story for teaching this message.

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    This book still makes me cry, even though I have read it a million times Whenever I feel alone or distant from God or unworthy to be called his child, this is the book I turn to I don t know how many copies of this book I have given away as presents, none to children.

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    You Are Special 30 4 1397 3.5 .Oscar Wilde Be yourself everyone else is already taken.

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    I just read this 4 times for my 1 year old nephew so don t judge me for using this towards my reading challenge

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You Are Special: A Story for Everyone download You Are Special: A Story for Everyone, read online You Are Special: A Story for Everyone, kindle ebook You Are Special: A Story for Everyone, You Are Special: A Story for Everyone cc58afbc546d Max Was Interested In Helping Children Understand Their Value Not From The World S Perspective, But From God S Wemmicksville Is A Land Created By Eli, The God Figure Of The Story He Creates Each Wemmick In Wemmicksville Uniquely, Each With Its Own Look And Personality Each Story And Video Is A New Adventure With The Citizens Of Wemmicksville Punchinello Is The Central Character, Along With His Friends Lucia, Splint, And Chip When Punchinello Strays From Eli, He Begins To Have Problems Only When Punchinello Stays Close To Eli Does He Clearly See How To Walk Through His Life In Wemmicksville In This Heartwarming Tale, Eli Helps Punchinello Understand How Special He Is No Matter What Other Wemmicks May Think Children Will Learn A Vital Lesson Regardless Of How The World Sees Them, God Loves Each Of Them Just As They Are